Herbal Immune Balance Daily 120 Caplets

by Garden of Life

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Brand Garden of Life
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Herbal Immune Balance from Garden of Life

Combining the Best of Nature and Science

To thrive in our modern world, proper immune system function is critical. The human immune system works constantly to defend the body against all kinds of environmental attacks—a highly complex "security system" designed to protect us. This system, located mostly in our blood and digestive tract, is designed to identify and eliminate invaders. It does this by producing protective cells and compounds such as antibodies, T-cells, B-cells, macrophages, and Natural Killer cells. If the immune system is out of balance it can over-respond or under-respond. Keeping the immune system balanced is critical for maintaining extraordinary health.

Garden of Life Herbal Immune Balance formulas combine ancient wisdom with modern emerging science surrounding whole food ingredients like fermented yeast, Epicor® and Vitamin Code whole food vitamins and minerals.