Immuno Plus 120 Tablets

by Priority One

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Immuno Plus is designed to support the body’s normal immune response, and help maintain already normal white blood cell activity. It supplies therapeutic levels of whole gland thymus and supportive nutrients. Glandular therapy is based on the thought that glandular concentrates support like organs to maintain an already healthy state.

If you need a capsule form please see our Immuno Caps.

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size Two (2) Tablets
Amount Per Serving
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 250mg 416%
Vitamin E (natural d-alpha tocopheryl) 100IU 333%
Thiamine HCI (vitamin B1) 30mg 2,000%
Zinc Elemental (chelate) 8mg 53%
Selenium Elemental (chelate) 25mcg 35%
Copper Elemental (chelate) 150mcg 7.5%
Thymus Enzymatic Polypeptide Fractions 550mg
Yielding Thymus Extracts and Fractions including:
Crude Thymus Extract (cx110) 50mg Thymosin, Thymic Humoral Factor (THF), and T-Cells
Spleen 130mg
Lymph 66mg
Pituitary 10mg
L-Lysine HCL 250mg
Trypsin (1:75) 26mg
Bromelain (3,600MCU) 50mg
Papain (6,000USP) 20mg
Echinacea purpurea (root) 300mg
Shiitake (mushroom)(Lentinus edodes) 76mg
Quercetin 95% 76mg
Beta Carotene 2,000IU

Other Ingredients: Di-calcium phosphate, Silicon dioxide, Natural vegetable stearate, Microcrystalline cellulose, Croscarmellose sodium, Natural modified cellulose. Contains milk, and soy.

Dosage: Adults take two (2) tablets three times daily, as a dietary supplement or as directed by a physician.

Precautions: If you are pregnant or breast feeding, consult your physician before using this product.